Use Gmail Account For Sending Your Emails

Use Gmail Account For Sending Your Emails

Email is one of the primary sources of communication with others and no matter where you are in the world. Now, you can easily send email from the direct mail via your Gmail account. But, you should be aware of Google that enforces the severe rules on the quantity of emails that you can send via your Gmail account. As an alternative of using the Gmail, e3 delivery service is one of the simplest and fastest ways to transmit your email. Here are the methods to send email via your Gmail account that include:

  • From a menu bar – Click Accounts
  • Click Plus sign at the bottom of a window to make a new account
  • Type “” as a SMTP server
  • Type “587” as a port
  • Verify the “Use SSL” and “Server needs authentication” check boxes
  • Type your full Gmail email address in a user field
  • Type your password in a password field
  • Finally, close the window

At present, when you send a message, choose your Gmail account from “Send Using” popup menu.


Currently, Gmail enables no more than 100 emails to be sent per hour and no more than 500 emails per day. If you want to send more than this limit, you just try to use php mailing software from for a simpler and quicker way to deliver your emails.

Dual-step authentication

If you have dual-step authentication allowed for Google account, you will need to deliver an app-specific password for use with the direct mail. You can also produce an app-specific password by just signing into your Google and then follow their instructions. Once you have an app-specific password, you just want to type it into the direct mail’s SMTP settings.

How to send an email – step by step procedures to be followed

The following procedures explain you clearly how to send an email by using a Gmail account. Even, many email applications or accounts follow an equivalent process for creating and sending a new message.

Requirements you will need

  • An email account setup and ready to send and receive emails
  • A system with reliable online connection

Step-by-step methods to send an email

  • Initially, you log into your Gmail account.
  • Tap Compose
  • An empty email window will pop up. In ‘To’ box, category an email address of recipient
  • You may also add anyone in your email to keep them in a loop. You have done this by clicking Cc- Carbon copy or Bcc- Blind carbon copy. Here, Cc means an individual will get a copy of the email and also all recipients will view their email address. Bcc means an individual will receive a copy of the email, but no other recipients will view that address
  • The subject field will enables to give a topic of your email to the recipient
  • Type your message in the main body field of your Gmail email
  • Finally, tap Send button